Storm Front

Sep. 2nd, 2012 02:31 am
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 Title: Storm Front
Author CC
Synopsis : There is a lot of shit going down in the borders these days... between drug runners and human traffickers coming north, guns going south.... Easy enough to have a family member in trouble...   Shadow Wolves Storm and his partner Roberto get too close and too many shipments are stopped so Mexican drug runner Diego Vasquez has them kidnapped and taken south. When her husband goes missing Storm’s wife Bianca calls her brother Carlos Alveraz and his partner Jake Jensen to find him.





Jul. 30th, 2012 07:49 pm
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Title: Respect
Author CC

Respect… such a simple word, and yet so complex. Steve knew what they all thought, knew they looked at his weak body, at all the physical limitations, and saw little beyond that. Bucky looked deeper but even he could never quite understand the craving that gnawed away at Steve's heart, that would not let him rest, would not let him give anything less than his very best, what drove him to become the man he was, fueled his passion, his courage, his tenacity. The day he walked into the battered camp with the rescued soldiers at his back still sticks out in his memory as the best day of his life. When the heady drug of self-respect ran through his veins and left his body tingling and tears pricking at his eyes. When at last he could look his fellow man in the eye and hold his head high. When he felt that at last, oh God, at last, he had earned his place, earned… respect.

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Peaceful_sands ~ The Losers, Jensen, choosing a new t-shirt

by CC

                                                                                                                        * O * 

They all think Jensen is a loony bird with appalling taste in clothes, but really he puts a lot of thought into each and every one of his gaudy t-shirts. He carefully considers colors and logos, picking and choosing what message he wants to send with each one and what mood will be inspired by that choice. Case in point; they are supposed to meet up with some woman today who says she has a lead on the ass wipe who ruined their lives and feelings are running high, so he chooses the pink one, the one that will remind them all of what they are fighting for, of all they stand to lose and gain and the one that will make them smile, or at the very least roll their eyes. Jensen knows very well that they will all bust his chops over it, but at least then they will be thinking about that and not about 25 little lives that were snuffed out in one fiery moment, and that makes it worth all the teasing. He pulls the shirt out of the bottom of his pack and slips it on, pausing just for a moment to think about home and family, then with a sigh he is out the door.

Jujitsuelf ~ Any - Any - until now they'd never believed in ghosts

Paradigm Shift
by CC

                                                                                                                              * O *

Jensen had never seen or heard any convincing argument for the existence of ghosts and despite his admittedly goofy tastes in entertainment at heart he is a scientist and he wants empirical evidence, not anecdotes. But that was before the day he looked across a crowded casino and saw Roque staring back at him.

Peaceful_sands ~ Author's choice, any/any, one hell of a fantasy to come true

by CC

                                                                                                                               * O *

Cougar closed his eyes with a happy sigh. After all the years of fantasizing about this he couldn't believe that it had actually come true, that Jensen felt the same way. His tongue carefully licked all the way around savoring the creamy taste. Jensen echoed his sigh and Cougar grinned at the blitzed out look of pure joy on the hacker's face. He took another lick and reveled in the explosion of flavor across his tastebuds, sweet and a touch spicy. He took his time lapping up every last drop. When at last they were done, he grinned at Jake. "Want to get another scoop to take home?"
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1. Joy2. Anger3. Sorrow4. Love5. Contentment
6. Jealousy7. Pride8. Hate9. Indifference10.Despair


1. Sunshine 2. Rain 3. Snow 4. Tornado 5. Flood
6. Wildfire 7. Ocean 8. Sky 9. Clouds 10. Wind
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Title : Shenanigans
Author CC
Summery : Jensen is giddy, Cougar is disgusted, Roque is murderous, Pooch is horrified, Clay is resigned, and Jolene rules the roost.
Warning. : Total holiday fluff.



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Nov. 9th, 2011 03:36 pm
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Title : Legacy
Author : CC
Warning :  AU , preslash, some language. shifter., fantasy fairy tale. Fluff.

A/N : Peaceful_sands left a prompt on fic_promptly ... Author's choice, any, A fairy turned them into a beast and they will only turn back when they find their true love.

Then I was looking at the website for the new series Once Upon a Time and a wolf howled and this story exploded in my imagination.

So, Peace, this is for you with much affection, and thank you to all my beta readers. As always, this would never see the light of day without your help and encouragement. Love ya'll!

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The Losers

Holding On  WIP  NaNoWriMo entry for June 2012:   Hit man Carlos 'Cougar' Alvarez is on a job when he runs into a decker who seems to spark his protective instincts, now if he can just figure out why.  Shadowrun AU

Storm Front   There is a lot of shit going down in the borders these days... between drug runners and human traffickers coming north, guns going south.... Easy enough to have a family member in trouble...   Shadow Wolves Storm and his partner Roberto get too close and too many shipments are stopped so Mexican drug runner Diego Vasquez has them kidnapped and taken south. When her husband goes missing Storm’s wife Maria calls her brother Carlos Alveraz and his amante Jake Jensen to find him.

Shenanigans  Jensen is giddy, Cougar is disgusted, Roque is murderous, Pooch is horrified, Clay is resigned, and Jolene rules the roost.

The Working Song   Jake loves his job.

  A moment in time, a port in the storm.

Owies and Medcin  Jensen is hurt and Beth doctors him up.

Drama Llama  Jensen is hurt and craving a little comfort.

Legacy  A Fairy Tale : Jake Jensen has just graduated and is spending the summer bumming around Europe when he meets a mysterious gypsy. When she gives him an unexpected gift his life changes in ways he never could have imagined.

Care Packages and Love Letters  Jolene and Jackie get together for the afternoon to put together a care package for the boys.

Belonging  After a life time in captivity Jensen realised that belonging needen't be compulsory, it could also be a choice. Inspired by Kelly girls story Underneath It All

Dangerous Man   A little song, a little dance and Cougar is a happy man.

High  Cougar and Jensen have a little downtime.

Somewhere ...   Cougar has been missing for months and Jensen is frantic.

Three of a Kind   WIP:  Jensen comes home to find Cougar with a real dilemma on his hands.

Double Tap  Cougar has a little talk with his battle buddy Vin. Companion piece to Ambush by Aislinn and Alex.

Juxtoposition  Jensen has a rare day with not much to do.

Seeking Peace In the aftermath of the loss of his team, Jensen seeks a little peace.

No Thinking Thing   Cougar finally loses patience and decides to get creative with his words.

That Shirt  What they really think about THAT Shirt...

Sing Series : Sing For the Tears Two sides of the same coin.

Sing for the Laughter
Sing for the Moment
Sing for the Years

Gir Moment Somethings Jensen should just not be allowed to watch.

I Warned You  In somethings, Cougar just doesn't bluff.

Stealing Your Life Back  Jensen is fed up.

Hallelujah Roque and Explosions

Contrasts  Jensen is a study in contrasts.

Breath You In Like Air   Soliloquy - Cougar is injured.   WIP ~ I am working on the story that goes with this.

Friendly Reminder 2  Cougar and Jensen have a conversation about Roque and his writing habits.

The Avengers

Pain Shared  Steve realises just how alone he is.

Cross Overs

Losers / Magnificent Seven. ~ Ambush   WIP : Vin runs into an old army buddy , Cougar Alvarez, while he is on the job.   Co-author - Alex Kade.

Magnificent Seven

Revenge is a Dish  WIP - Sequel to Fortune's Hostage - NaNOWriMo entry for 2011.   ( This is the one I am actively working on right now. ~ Aislinn , Nov. 7, 2011 )

Fortune's Hostage   Mary's son Billy is kidnapped and she and Judge Orrin Travis hire a team of seven Shadowrunners to get him back. A/U: Shadowrun

Initiation  Ezra faces his greatest trial. Shadowrun AU

Hell is Afraid We’ll Take Over.    Shadowrun AU

Running from the Devil  Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is keep on living.  OW

Incredulous  Sometimes things are exactly like they seem. OW

Think On This  Vin has something to say.  Missing scene from Chinatown. OW

Despair  JD's thoughts as he speaks with Josiah after Annie's funeral. OW

Revelation  Ezra has an epiphany. ATF

The Sentinel   It's Christmas eve and Chris said no presents. Will the boys listen?  ATF

Reflections   Ezra is heading home and thinks about all the changes in his life. OW

Li Wu  The gift. A drabble inspired by a scene from Chinatown.  OW

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Dragon Child   A series of stories about Peter and a very special friend. Co-author - Maven

The Sentinel

Make a Wish Who knew Blair was so... talented.

Murder Is Not an Option  When the suspects Blair is interogating reveal the truth behind their actions Blair vents his feelings.

Force of Nature  Simon's reflections on Ellison and Sandburg.

Rage  Naomi has gone to far.

Aftermath  Simon is left to carry on alone after Jim and Blair's deaths.

Reverie  Is Blair's hat evil? Has Jim gone crazy?


Where the Wild Geese Fly  Mist has seen something she shouldn't have and now she is on the run.

Shadows Of the Night  Watch out for the tea.

Creative Looting 101   Mask teaches four short lessons on how to go about looting.

Cybernight Mayhem and crime on the streets of Seattle. Written by David.

Beware of Dog  No matter how harmless he seems, beware of the dog.  Written by David.

Star Wars

WIP ~ In revenge of the Sith, Anakin killed padawans, but did he get them all?


I don't own the characters listed below, All fiction listed here, on the other hand, is copywrited by J.L. Graves (unless otherwise noted) Also the characters and places in these stories are the product of my own twisted mind and bear only marginal resemblance to real people/places living or dead... (except of course where noted)

The Losers:  Cougar and Jensen are not mine. ( sob)

Magnificent Seven : The seven are not mine, they belong to the alphabet people who quite frankly cannot be trusted with them, and so I am sneaking them out the back door to my place. If they where mine they would still be riding across our TV screens every week, except for Ezra and you don't want to know what he would be doing. ::wicked grin ;) ::

The Sentinel : The Sentinel and all related characters are the property of UPN, Paramount and Pet Fly Productions. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is being made.

Kung Fu : The Legend Continues : Peter and Pop aren't ours either. :(  

Shadowrun :  Shadowrun is a Registered Trademark of FASA Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Used without permission. Any use of FASA Corporation's copyrighted material or trademarks in this file should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or trademarks. I write in this world out of love and to promote the game.

Star Wars belongs to George Lucas.

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Title: Care Packages and Love Letters
Author: CC
Warning: Cavity Warning: Unadulterated, unabashed,unapologetic FLUFF
Synopsis: Jolene and Jackie get together for the afternoon to put together a care package for the boys.


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Title :Somewhere ...
by Cougar's Catnip
Rated : PG 13
Pairing: Cougar/Jensen
Summery : Cougar is missing and Jensen is frantic.



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Title: Breathe You in Like Air
Author: CC
Fandom: The Losers
Warning: some language

Breathe You in Like Air


A fall from scaffolding will seriously fuck up your day. I laid there for what felt like hours, every nerve screaming in agony before Jake found me. They tell me my pelvis was shattered and my back was broken. How they got me out of there and to the medics without paralyzing me I will never know, since at the time I was unconscious and every time I ask Jake turns green and refuses to talk about it. So here I am, months in the hospital, healing and now learning to walk again.

I miss my team as much as I miss walking. But we are all the Army's bitches and just 'cause one team member is down doesn't mean the whole team gets out of deployment. So, they replaced me and life went on. The one constant has been Jake, sure the others come to see me as well but Jake visits like clockwork. The minute they are back on post, he drops his laundry off at the cleaners, grabs a pizza and a six-pack of soda and heads to the hospital. Those visits are the bright spot that keeps me going. Jake shows up with that sunny smile and regales me for hours with stories of what they have been doing and how great things will be when I come back.

I don't have the heart to tell him that I'm not coming back. My enlistment is almost up and I have been seriously considering not re-upping. I just can't go through integrating with a new team. If I can't be a Loser then I don't want to stay in. I mean they replaced me and yeah, I know it wasn't 'cause they wanted to, it's not like the brass gave them much choice, but my spot is gone, given to another sniper and for better or worse, I am an ex-Loser. And damn that hurts worse then rehab.

They are due back today, maybe tomorrow and I know Jake will be here. I think he will be pleased with my progress. I mean hey I walked ten whole feet on my own. Yay me. Yeah, sarcasm, but right now it's what I do best. The only way I can cope with all this shit. Dios, I miss walking, I miss taking a piss in the john, I miss covering my team, but mostly I miss Jake. I miss the way he is just there; ready with a joke or a smile. Hell, I miss the constant stream of rambling facts. Yeah, I know there are people who find the incessant talking annoying, but I find his voice soothing. A reassurance that we are ok, alive, together.

The hours pass so slowly when they are gone. I read, watch a little TV and think. I don't know what I am going to do… after. I've been in the Army since I was a skinny seventeen year old. Got tapped for Spec Ops at eighteen and running missions by the time I was twenty. Been with the Losers for years now. Honestly, I don't know how to be a civvie anymore. How the hell am I supposed to fit in? I could be a cop, maybe a bodyguard I guess, but it's gonna feel like going back to riding with training wheels after competing in motor-cross. Yeah, I can do that, but is it what I want? No, mostly I just want my team back. These four men have become so much a part of me that without them, I feel like I'm missing part of my soul, and it aches like a missing limb.

He's coming. I can always tell. Don't ask me how, 'cause I don't know, I just do, but when he gets here, I will breathe his presence in like air and for a moment … for a moment it will all be better.

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